ESP8266 SIFFS.bin file to large

Hello I have an ESP8266-01 and try to upload a file into the SIFFS Memory on my ESP8266-07 no Problem. The Data file index.html is just 3KB large, the spiffs.bin is 1 MB large. Why that ??
How can I make the spiffs file smaller. I checked the spiffs.bin with a hex editor and the biggest chunk are
0xff the index file has data Informations till 0x1850 then the rest is 0xff.
I tried to make the spiff smaller but the compiler ist overwriting the spiffs.bin file
Thank you community

So two different ESP variants?

What’s your exact platformio.ini?

I tried with a tiny file of 20 byte the same rhe spiffs,bin file ist 1MB

The SPIFFS gets padded with the flash erase value (0xFF) to the allocated SPIFFS file size according to the linker file which is dictated by the board JSON file. The padding is done by the GitHub - igrr/mkspiffs: Tool to build and unpack SPIFFS images tool, just like in the Arduino IDE.

Since you have chosen board = esp07 it will use

Meaning a 4MB flash of which 1MB is allocated for SPIFFS. So PlatformIO is behaving absolutely correctly.

It seems you have selected the wrong board if that cannot be uploaded to the target? For a ESP8266-01 you need to set board = esp01.json (512K flash) or esp01_1m (1M flash)

You can also manually set the linker file with Espressif 8266 — PlatformIO latest documentation