ESP8266/ESP32 - Remote Developing - Setup -

Hi Community,

i got a futher developement question regarding remote firmware developement.
I want to setup the possibility to access my ESP8266/ESP32 from everywhere where I am =)
This means i want to develope my Sourcecode and test it on real Hardware by Remote.

For this i just think about setting up a Raspberry Pi with the physical Connection of an ESP Developement Board. Further I need to setup some Software Services - what do you think? Is it enough to setup VSCode + PlatformIO and Setup PlatformIO Remote Agent?

How can I access the Hardware Setup then by my Mobile Device? Does it need to setup VPN (For sure- to the RPI it makes sense if further services should be use like Webserver interaction) but i cannot start/stop VPN Service on my device? How can i further Develope? Is it possible with as online platform?

Thanks - Jojo