ESP32 Version Confusion? -- Sample code doesn't compile easily

I don’t know where to look to make sure the IDF that was installed by PIO matches the samples on the Espessif web site.

The code samples are missing references - and all kinds of tiny little things like I have mismatched version of the IDF between my PIO install and those on-line ESP32 samples. Clearly, those projects have holes in them that look like changes in the project.

How do I determine my ESP-IDF version in PIO – and where does it describe the version in the Espressif docs?

If you’re working with the latest Espressif32 platform in PlatformIO, then it’s ESP-IDF v3.3. I’ll also find it in the change log for the platform. Go to PIO Home, Platforms, Espressif32, Changelog:


If you copy examples from Espressif’s GitHub repository, I recommend to explicitly select the desired version, i.e. the tag v3.3. The default selection is master and currently the master branch is for Espressif’s work on version 4.


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I was not aware of the drop-down selection in the left corner for the examples – to select the matching version (Tag: v#.#). This is my problem. The examples I was looking at by default were Branch: Master.

So, I think this explains the nature of my problem… I will go back and dial in the right version to match the IDF that is installed (v3.3)

Thanks for the help.

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