ESP32: Upload File System Image fails

I am using an ESP32dev module.
I am trying to upload data to the flash. I created a folder named “data”. But when I run the upload command I don’t get any error. It just says “Failed”.

This is the platform.ini file:


platform = espressif32

framework =



board = esp32dev

build_flags =

-D ESP32

build_unflags = -Werror=all

monitor_speed = 115200

platform_packages = framework-arduinoespressif32 @

lib_compat_mode = strict

lib_deps =


SHA-1 Hash



description = The Final Module For ESP32 Timer Device

Is there any verbose mode while uploading?

Uploading my program works though.

Can you open a PIO terminal and execute

pio run -t uploadfs -v

and post the output?

Any special permissions on the data folder or in any of the files? Any weird filenames in there? Or files which are too big?

Here is the output:

No special permission.
Total folder size is 350 kb.
Just dots and dashes in the filename.

Does it work if the data folder only contains a single test.txt file with content ABC?

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It was an issue with the partition tables. Sorry for the trouble.