ESP32 Thing - Wifi and Upload problems

I’m working with ESP32 boards for a project. I’ve been using a AZ-Delivery version for a while, and now I’m trying to use some Sparkfun ESP32 Things. I’ve run into two problems:

  • the WiFi can’t connect. It can see all the relevant networks, but can’t make a connection
  • it’s really hard to upload code over USB - I have to randomly press the reset button, and it works about 1 in 20 attempts.

Any ideas where to start debugging this? It’s a big enough codebase that a small example is hard, so I’m interested in what might be different between the ESP32Thing and other boards that causes these issues. I’ve tried setting the framework toespressif32@3.5.0 based on this post: ESP32 Doesnt connect to wifi AP - #11 by mrmaddotta but no luck so far.


default_envs = test

framework = arduino
lib_deps =
;board_build.filesystem = spiffs
monitor_speed = 115200
monitor_filters = send_on_enter
src_filter = +<*> -<.git/> -<.svn/> -<example/> -<examples/> -<test/> -<tests/> -<dev/> +<../examples/main-${PIOENV}.cpp>
platform = espressif32
board = az-delivery-devkit-v4
upload_port = /dev/cu.usbserial-0001

board = esp32thing
platform = espressif32@3.5.0
upload_port = /dev/cu.usbserial-DN02YS8G
monitor_port = /dev/cu.usbserial-DN02YS8G
upload_protocol = esptool
;upload_protocol = esp-prog

Replace this with platform = Does it work better?

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Thanks! Hoping to try tonight!

That does, thanks! Is this a dev version? Is there a way I could have found that?

It’s an extension by the Tasmota people because of Support for the latest Arduino v2.0 · Issue #619 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub. See comments at the bottom.

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