ESP32 secure boot still not supported?

Hello all!

I want to confirm that neither secure boot or flash encryption is supported. I have done a fair bit amount of research and have only read that it isn’t.

My goal (at this time) is to prevent someone from downloading the firmware off of the processor.

I understand that it has been defeated but I would say people still use locks even with the “lock picking lawyer” in existence.

The “Secure Boot” and “Flash Encryption” of the current ESP32 has been defeated in November last year. Only new silicon-revision chips (starting at ESP32-D0WD-V3) fix the problem."


ESP32 Secure Boot:

Support secure boot and flash encryption #305 (GitHub):

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Protect Arduino Sketch on ESP32 via flash encryption

Hi @jeremiahlandi, I also just ran into the same issue, does it have any updates?

Thank you!