ESP32-S3 USB Audio - Where to start?

Hi all:
I am working an esp32-s3 project with an si4735 FM receiver chip. I want to send the output of the receiver (it has both analog out as well as digital out) to a set ouf usb-c headphones/earbuds. I guess sending it to a bluetooth headset would also be o.k. I just cannot add another physical input (such as 3.5 mm jack). Also the board has only a single usb-c port so the same port would be used for charging the battery. I know the esp32-s3 supports TinyUSB which is supposed to have a UAC2 class, but no arduino library that I know of.
Any advice for a general approach on solving this? I am looking for general advice such as “Don’t mess with Blutooth becasue bluetooth audio is waay too complicated” or “Bluetooth audio has an arduino library for exactly what you want to do” …just where to go next.

Any suggestions are appreciated!