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ESP32, Platformio, W11, New Notebook, NO UPLOAD PORT FOUND

only on a new notebook I have problems that no upload port is found to upload code to an ESP32
Also via menu item devices or terminal command pio device list no port is shown.
CP210 driver is installed.

Does anyone have a solution?

Maybe your device has a CH340 usb-serial chip on it?

Are there unknown devices in the Windows device manager?

What COM ports are shown in the device manager?

please see the PNG-File with the USB connector-situation.
At this time is an ESP32 and a wlan mouse adapter connected

Screenshot 2022-11-07 203443

Well the CP2102 is faded out like it isn’t currently connected at all. Does it disappear when you untick View → Show hidden devices?

Yes it disappear when I switch off the option “show hidden devices”

Well then it’s not connected. Are you using a USB cable that has power+data lines (not only power)? Does the same USB cable and ESP32 get recognized on other computers?

With this USB cable I`m programming an ESP on my desktop Computer.

As you wrote - I will need a driver for CH340 isn´t it? I also loaded this from a chineese side but till now without an success.

Can you show a picture of your ESP32 board?

it has worked now. I have installed CP210x again.