ESP32 Peripheral registers are missing from debug data in VS Code

I am trying to debug a basic Blink sketch running on a DOIT-ESP32-DevKit-V1 using ESP-Prog. I am able to get into debugging but the peripheral register data is missing from the section in VS Code. After a bit of searching, I found a few old threads that said it was due to the non-availability of SVD files for ESP32. But ESP32 SVD files are now available.

I tried adding the SVD file to my project directory and set it in the platformio.ini configuration file using debug_svd_path. The register names and addresses showed up but their values are never updated during debugging.

What are we missing here?

Let’s leave this for PlatformIO staff to integrate + test. I’ve opened an issue at

Sometimes PlatformIO’s SVD parser is just buggy and won’t load the SVD file.

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