ESP32 painlessMesh bridge

I’ve been working on a project to send data from mesh network to a Windows Server via TCP/IP protocol. I have done different projects like this without using bridge. Based on the painlessMesh wiki you have different options to communicate to another node from out of mesh network and mostly I’ve done my projects with the first method. Nowadays, I’m working with a team and they have less resources, so that I can not use first method and also MQTT bridge as well, cause they are not familiar with MQTT server.
The question is, based on the bridge sample I can connect to a specific port and IP of a server but how can I send/receive data from/to server with this method?

Thanks in advance

While members of the general PlatformIO community may have ideas regarding this, I think you also want to ask the people involved in the painlessMesh project you’ve linked via an issue, giving you better answers.

Exactly, you’re right. I’m trying to find a way and share it with others and want to know other people experiences about this issue.