ESP32 OTA progress bar scrolling in terminal instead of overwrite - minor question

I’m using PlatformIO in Microsoft VS Code for ESP32 projects. I regularly do OTA updates which work well. I’m sure that in the past the OTA progress bar in the Terminal window used to overwrite itself giving the impression that the bar was extending across the screen. For some time now instead of overwriting the line it scrolls the line up so every update is on a new line. This doesn’t affect the OTA functionality but does detract from the visual experience. Is there a setting somewhere where this behaviour can be changed? Conceptually I want it to do a CR at the end of each line and not a CR/LF. I appreciate any help you can give.

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If you’re thinking that was the case, we’re either sharing a hallucination or that was the case! Pretty sure it’s the latter.

There was one of two points where it could have changed… I just say for certain which it was. Either it was the change in the esptool OTA uploader package, which was really a move the current version of the esptool, or it was in changes to how PlatformIO relays terminal output. I seem to think it was the former, as IIRC the Arduino IDE output is the same, which made me think it was change in the tool behaviour.