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ESP32 Mesh - Platform in Platform IO includes ESP-MDF


Hello all, I am new to Platform IO, still trying to get my head around it.

I intend to use Platform IO as my IDE for developing in ESP32 but I am not sure if the platform installed via Platform IO (Espressif 32) includes ESP-MDF?

I am also confused by the version numbers: Platform Io indicates Espressif 32 is 0.12.0 while the release note says the latest release is 1.3.0?


ESP32 is your platform (the microprocessor architecture you’re programming for), ESP-IDF, Arduino and ESP-MDF are frameworks in PIO speak.

ESP-MDF is not supported yet as a framework. See

A feature request was already posted here:


Thanks for clarifying the terminologies.

Just out of curiosity - if I build the toolchains based on the ESP-MDF documentations from Espressif’s github, will I be able to use the libraries of ESP-MDF in the Platform IO environment?
For the sake of discussion and clarifications, will PlatformIO pick up ‘manually’ installed toolchains like above in general? I certainly will not expect to have ‘updates’ shown up under libraries in PlatformIO…


I am in the same boat. New to the platform and trying to use ESP-MDF. Is there a way to add it to my include path? Is there any update on the ESP-MDF PIO support?



See issue.