ESP32 Mesh - Platform in Platform IO includes ESP-MDF

Hello all, I am new to Platform IO, still trying to get my head around it.

I intend to use Platform IO as my IDE for developing in ESP32 but I am not sure if the platform installed via Platform IO (Espressif 32) includes ESP-MDF?

I am also confused by the version numbers: Platform Io indicates Espressif 32 is 0.12.0 while the release note says the latest release is 1.3.0?

ESP32 is your platform (the microprocessor architecture you’re programming for), ESP-IDF, Arduino and ESP-MDF are frameworks in PIO speak.

ESP-MDF is not supported yet as a framework. See Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation

A feature request was already posted here: esp-mdf · Issue #103 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub


Thanks for clarifying the terminologies.

Just out of curiosity - if I build the toolchains based on the ESP-MDF documentations from Espressif’s github, will I be able to use the libraries of ESP-MDF in the Platform IO environment?
For the sake of discussion and clarifications, will PlatformIO pick up ‘manually’ installed toolchains like above in general? I certainly will not expect to have ‘updates’ shown up under libraries in PlatformIO…

I am in the same boat. New to the platform and trying to use ESP-MDF. Is there a way to add it to my include path? Is there any update on the ESP-MDF PIO support?


See issue or GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-mdf-example: An example on how to use ESP-MDF with PlatformIO.

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Is there any progress implementing ESP-MDF in PlatfirmIO? The last post here is Feb 2019 (four and a half years ago.)

Is it going to be picked up again? I ask because I’d like a reliable mesh network for my IoT devices that can communicate with my main WiFi network.

It seems PainlessMESH doesn’t play well with WiFi AP’s even though it uses the same channel as the WiFi. (Why is that by the way? I guess that is a different thread.)

Ideally, I’d be nice if the MESH network was on a different channel then the rest of the WiFi for simultaneous data transfers but I guess that would be a different thread also.

Thanks Mark.

The repo showcases in its different branches:

  • usage of up-to-date ESP-MDF in ESP-IDF (“getting started” example)
  • usage of up-to-date ESP-MDF in ESP-IDF plus Arduino-ESP32 as a component (“getting started”
  • usage of up-to-date ESP-MDF in ESP-IDF plus Arduino-ESP32 as a component (“lightbulb” example, which I tested to be working with the Android app)

Wow, thanks maxgerhardt so much for these links. :grinning: