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Esp32 menuconfig

Hi there. Im new to platformio using esp-idf to program an esp32. Everything seems nice. However, the lack of make menuconfig makes things a bit more difficult. Is there any plans to change this in the near future?
Thanks in advance.


Maybe editing sdkconfig.h directly is a suitable workaround?

There are a couple other folks using their own spin on VS Code to bring up menuconfig. Why is PlatformIO not able to do this.

Links? Sure, I could just google it, but if you want to bring it up, it would be nice if you link to what you’re talking about! :wink:

Sure. I’ll give you 4 (well technically 3 the last one is a screenshot of mine)

Mine uses the new Cmake, and everything works just fine. If i knowing barley nothing on how to implement things in VS Code, I cannot see how PlatforIO can’t do it when they are clearly far smarter in this avenue than I.