Esp32 mDNS stop working with OTA

I added OTA function to my project with this example: Arduino/BasicOTA.ino at master · esp8266/Arduino · GitHub
uploading works normally but mDNS stopped working correctly. I’m using ESPmDNS.h

if (!MDNS.begin("esp32")) {
        Serial.println("Error setting up MDNS responder!");
        while (1) {

I get output that it started correctly but when i try to connect it doesnt work. It work normally with ip

I also tried to read this;GitHub - JAndrassy/ArduinoOTA: Arduino library to upload sketch over network to Arduino board with WiFi or Ethernet libraries readme but i dont really understand that.

ok i figure it out. ArdiunoOTA ovverwrites mdns name so i just have to set ArduinoOTA.setHostname()