Esp32 kconfig differences

I have been using PlatformIO with the Arduino Frameworks with the ESP32 for over a year. But now I need to enable the Ethernet module and I finding there are many different and all incomplete examples of doing this and all want me to modify the kconfig file. So I have implemented PlatformIO Ver 4. After a week of research and finding most demo board use different IC’s I am now focusing on using the SPI interface. But I am unable to find the settings with menuconfig that with all the solutions say I need to change. For Example: I am unable to find the following menu,
Is the kconfig file application specific?
When I tried to implement the Olimex board, it says to: Configure the Project by typing menuconfig. But again I cannot find the menu settings they want me to change.
Am I supposed to modify the file directly?
Does anyone have or know about an Ethernet example for Olimex or other simular device I can get off Amazon that show how I can build a simple server where I can read a binary stream on an IP port? I am also willing to use an external TCP/IP module with an SPI interface, but I cannot find a compete IDE-IDF or Arduino example

looks like, you found another discrepancy between native configuration and PIO configuration.

I reported some issues here: ESP32: Difference between pio run -t menuconfig vs. menuconfig