Esp32: Is there a board_build.partitions option for no spiffs at all?

I’m writing an app for the ai_thinker esp32cam that has only 4mB flash. I installed the demo app and it’s already using 86% of my app space (2597214/3145728). I’m writing an app that will need more space. I have no need for spiffs. Is there a partitions option for 4mB with no spiffs?

The documentation gives you the links to the available partition tables in each respective framework. You already seem to be using a partition table that allocates 3MB of app space. I don’t see a partition table with maximum-size app and no SPIFFS, so you’re going to have to write the table yourself.

Thanks. I built a custom table and it works. It took my 82.6% usage to 62.9%.

For any lurkers here it is …


There was a reply to my previous post about building and using a custom table. I couldn’t parse the post much less understand it. It has since been deleted.

The post listed things to do that are needed to change the table. This worries me. Are there things I need to do other than putting the cvs file in my project directory and putting the board_build.partitions = ota_no_spiffs.csv in platformio.ini? Is the partition table flashed automatically before flashing code? This is what I have assumed.

If you are using ESP-IDF, you should additionally configure the partition table in the menuconfig.

Otherwise everything is fully automatic. The line you’ve shown will change the partition table, which is used for generating the partitions.bin file, which is flashed as normal during upload process. You can see that in code here, here and here.

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