Esp32 immediate fault on upload

I am trying to compile and upload code to a ESP32 Wrover dev board. My code builds normally with a success message at the end. On upload, I get an immediate fatal error
“A fatal error occurred: Invalid head of packet (0x00)
*** [upload] Error 2”
The com port is correct and it appears to connect then immediately fail.
The error code doesn’t help much and I don’t know where to go next

  • What OS are you using?
  • What COM port is it using? (See “Upload” output)
  • Does it upload in the Arduino IDE?

I am using Win 10 64 bit and pio auto selects COM 4. When I try to upload it appears to connect then immediately fail. I have not tried it on arduino ide since I have pretty much moved on to PIO. I dropped to upload speed back to 115200 but it made no difference. The USB cable is one I use successfully to upload other dev boards so i’mpretty sure its good.

Is the board connected to anything else, e.g. some other electronics components? If yes, temporarily disconnect it.

If you do this you can immediately determine whether it’s just a PlatformIO problem or a general problem.

OK, I am going to update my arduino install and try the upload there.