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ESP32 IDF newer than 3.1.2


Ivan, I know you don’t want to work with “beta” releases of the ESP-IDF, but there are so many new features
(and ones I need) in the 3.2 and 3.3.x builds
they have a branch called RELASE.3.2
could you update PlatformIO to use release 3.2?
bunch of changes to the builder and the default sdkconfig.h


3.2 has not been released yet :frowning:


I know you hate working on the betas :slight_smile:
but oddly 3.1.3 is released and it has a ton of bug fixes
supporting that would be nice…


did you ever come up with a way to automate the build by scanning their cmake “CMakeLists.txt” files
to aid in building “” framework build file?



that’s good news… Ivan, when I compare the GIT repository of ESP-IDF to what platformIO delivers, the platformIO is missing a few components… and some other small difference

for one, in the ESP-IDF GIT I see file “libbtdm_app.a” is much bigger than the one in PlatformIO package
not exactly sure if that means anything… same for all the lib files in the ESP32 folder



Do you use this branch for comparing?


as soon as you mention that… I did some looking
I did the tag name “Release 3.1”
but you know… using git desktop I see now has its limitations
it looks like it pulls lates, then I switch it to use branch 3.1
and it updates… but leaves folders/files from the master

very confusing!

GIT itself is too confusing!

I pulled it via command line…
only some very small differences in folder components/coap
but your pull is right… the links in the coap folder are to the actual files

so im in error… all good

so sorry!