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ESP32 IDF newer than 3.1.2


Ivan, I know you don’t want to work with “beta” releases of the ESP-IDF, but there are so many new features
(and ones I need) in the 3.2 and 3.3.x builds
they have a branch called RELASE.3.2
could you update PlatformIO to use release 3.2?
bunch of changes to the builder and the default sdkconfig.h


3.2 has not been released yet :frowning:


I know you hate working on the betas :slight_smile:
but oddly 3.1.3 is released and it has a ton of bug fixes
supporting that would be nice…


did you ever come up with a way to automate the build by scanning their cmake “CMakeLists.txt” files
to aid in building “” framework build file?