Esp32 IDF latest version in Platformio?

I am trying to make some changes to a code developed with esp32-IDF and which compiles perfectly under Platformio.
While implementing these changes I realized that some functions in the library components esp_netif.h are available in the espressif github repository but they are just not existing in my Platformio environment.
My esp32 platform is upgraded to the latest version 5.3.0 and I get these info when I compile:

  • framework-espidf @ 3.40403.0 (4.4.3)
  • tool-cmake @ 3.16.4
  • tool-esptoolpy @ 1.40400.0 (4.4.0)
  • tool-ninja @ 1.9.0
  • toolchain-esp32ulp @ 1.23500.220830 (2.35.0)
  • toolchain-xtensa-esp32 @ 8.4.0+2021r2-patch5
    Is there any way I can make sure I use the same version available on the espressif repository?