Esp32 I2C buses communication

Hey folks,
Going to communicate with two identical ToF sensors, i.e. VL6180x, using esp32. Adafruit_VL6180X.cpp and Adafruit_VL6180X.h are used:

Can anybody help me to read the distance measured by two sensors using GPIO21/22 and GPIO32/33 pins?
I tried the following main code but did not work:

So what does it output? What is the wireup?

Serial monitor shows nothing. GND and 3.3V are shared with sensors.
First sensor:
SDA/SCL ---->> 21/22
Second sensor:
SDA/SCL ---->> 32/33

Note: sensors are working separately using Wire.begin()

Can you add print statements in setup() and loop() to check after which function it hangs up? It might be that the readRange() function just blocks because it never receives a proper I2C answer.

The library will also output the results of I2C reads and writes if you add build_flags = -D I2C_DEBUG to the platformio.ini.

I’d suggest running Simultaneously use the two I2C bus of the ESP32. · Issue #977 · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub with adapted pins to see whether the I2C device is seen on both I2C peripherals at all.