ESP32-Ethernet-Kit missing?


How is possible that original Expressif ESP32 Ethernet board is missing??

Is possible to use equivalent one?


I’m assuming you meant this without posting the link?

Arduino-ESP32 doesn’t have a specific target for this board (ref). Or do you have a specific one in mind?

Only the ESP32 module core should matter here. The ESP32-WROVER-B module is also on the esp-wrover-kit, so you should be able to use that.

For ethernet examples in ESP-IDF, you should be using the v4.0 version of the examples (esp-idf/examples/ethernet/basic at release/v4.0 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub).

Dear Max

the link you posted is correct.
Indeed trying with ESP32-WROVER-B board I can upload correctly despite IDE show me two error:
errore include

For first error ide say to update includepath
For second ide say that is impossible open sdkconfig.h

Have you some idea? (I’m absolute newbye on PlatformIO)

Not reproducable.


Please show your platformio.ini and code to reproduce the problem.