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ESP32 esp_wpa2.h different versions in Arduino ide and platformio

I’m using an esp32 dev module to access wpa2 enterprise network with peap.
When using arduino ide, espressif esp32 core 2.0.1, everything works fine, more specificaly, I can use

esp_err_t esp_wifi_sta_wpa2_ent_enable(void); from esp_wpa2.h

However, when trying the same code in platformio, I get the “too few arguments to function 'esp_err_t esp_wifi_sta_wpa2_ent_enable(const esp_wpa2_config_t*)”

I’ve tried the fix:

esp_wpa2_config_t config = WPA2_CONFIG_INIT_DEFAULT();

The code compile, but esp cannot connect to wifi.

I guess I should make platformio use but I don’t know how to achieve this…

Any help would be welcome

PlatformIO does not use the current git version of Arduino-ESP32, it’s on the stable 1.0.6 version, and not yet at the e.g. 2.0.1 version. See

Oh, I see, thank you ! I’ll wait and use Arduino IDE until then :wink: