ESP32 Dev Module - Board Version 1.0.6 - Help Please


Newbie here, I apologize if this has already been asked. I would like to use ESP32 Dev Module as my board. I have everything working with the VS Code and the extension. I can see some hardware issues like the onboard led and inputs not working as expected. Is there a change in the .ini file I can make so the hardware setup is the same. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

I use this for Additional Board Managers in Arduino


This is an ancient version, released over 2 years ago!
It would be better to update your code to the current code base (Arduino 2.x).

If you still want to use the (outdated) Arduino core 1.0.6, set in your platformio.ini:

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Thank you. Your answer worked perfectly. I really appreciate it. To be honest I don’t use the Arduino IDE. I have previously used visual micro for ESP development. I have recently changed my preferred OS to linux. I really like the platform/io because it is platform independent and I am not stuck to using windows. Thanks again for the help, I have tested and can see the board is now working as expected.

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