ESP32 debugging no source code for libraries

I’ve got a working setup for debugging an ESP32Cam with esp-tool, using the arduino framework.I can step into setup() / loop() code, but sources for a lib like espressif/esp32-camera are not shown, I see the disassembly instead.
Is it because the Arduino build system compiles libcode into the libFrameworkArduino.a first? Is there a way to add source paths for debugging?
I tried to add libs as lib_deps or cloning the repo into the project/lib directory.

Arduino-ESP32 uses precompiled ESP-IDF libraries located in tools/sdk/<esp32 chip version>/lib generated by this tool. You could go through the process of downloading exactly the same ESP-IDF version that was used in the genreation of those .a files and then setup a source file mapping in GDB, but this is really cumbersome. I’d recommend to convert the project to be an ESP-IDF project with the Arduino core on top, as is showing. Then you can debug both Arduino and ESP-IDF sources since they were actually compiled from source.

Thank you very much for your fast reply,
I will try the ESP-IDF solution.