ESP32 cmake library and include paths


I have an ESP32 project in which I use a cmake library like described in Build System - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation .
So i just add something like this to my CMakeLists.txt in the src dir:
target_link_libraries(${COMPONENT_LIB} PRIVATE mylib)

Unfortunately the generated c_cpp_properties.json does not contain the include paths of the library.
I can of course workaround that by manually adding the include paths to my build_flags in platformio.ini but it would be nice if include paths of cmake libraries are automatically added.

Also not after Rebuilding the Intellisense? Using the bleeding edge PlatformIO version and platform version by setting “Use Development version” in the VSCode PIO extension settings (or pio upgrade --dev for a globally installed core) and setting the platform url to upstream makes no difference?

If it still not works after that, please post a reproducable project to Issues · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub which reproduces the problem so that devs can fix it.