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Esp32-camera package with esp32-cam (esp32) chip

I’ve been trying to use the esp32-camera package for quite some time now; I’m currently using the espidf framework on an esp32-cam chip, attempting to utilize the official esp32-camera library provided by espressif ( I’ve gone through all the setup instructions listed in the readMe for espidf setup, but for some reason I keep getting this long error (in the images) when attempting to build. Does anyone know why the libraries are not able to be found by platformio? VS code is able to find all of them and they all downloaded with the esp32-camera package.

Any help is appreciated .
Screenshot from 2022-08-10 23-44-37
Screenshot from 2022-08-10 23-44-54

I have also followed all the instructions on here: esp32cam - ESP32 Forum, but nothing has changed.

Nevermind, there are actually two target.json files, have to use the one outside of the target folder.