ESP32 Board Configuration

I have recently ported my project from the Arduino IDE to PlatformIO.

In the Arduino IDE I used the following settings:

With these settings I get the following memory usage when I compile:
Sketch uses 983395 bytes (31%) of program storage space. Maximum is 3145728 bytes.
Global variables use 45192 bytes (13%) of dynamic memory, leaving 282488 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes.

Which is perfect, as my project is about half complete.

In PlatformIO I have the following:

Environment: esp32dev

RAM: [= ] 13.8% (used 45296 bytes from 327680 bytes)
Flash: [======== ] 75.6% (used 991315 bytes from 1310720 bytes)

My question is: how do I setup PlatformIO to something similar to what I was using in the Arduino IDE so that I don’t run out of Flash memory?


As you can see PlatformIO only uses ~1.3 MB of flash storage for the application because you have not configured it otherwise. You need to replicate your “Partition Scheme” setting as well.

As you can read in the documentation, that is done by setting

board_build.partitions = huge_app.csv

in the platformio.ini.


Thanks, that worked a treat.

Thank you very much!!! It helped me!

Hi. I have done this AND when platformio build the proyect. I still can read 1.3Mbytes flash

Perhaps this helps