ESP32 / Arduino framework, menuconfig and coredumps?

I’ve had some good success with getting a JTAG board working with the ESP32 with support from another thread. I’m now experimenting with adding processes with the FreeTOS APIs and am getting kernel panics. So, in order to figure out what is going on I need to be able to turn on coredumps and use the script in the ESP-IDF to look at them. Has anyone figured out the way to do this from PlatformIO? I can’t see anything in the docs.


I’ve found sdkconfig in .platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\tools\sdk.
I’ve tweaked that to see if it gives me what I need. Then I can look for the coredump script.

oh - of course I’ll need make to read this and do the changes - a little more thought required…

Set the task stack size to a high value (ex. 16384) then use the highwatermark api to get the stack usage. Then adjust the stack size to a value close to the one reported by highwatermark.
Also use xTaskCreatePinnedToCore and allocate the task to a specific core instead using the dynamic allocation. Use priorities higher than 0.

i used FreeRTOS tasks on several ESP32 based projects and i never had problems with core panic caused by tasks…

Thanks. I got it working in the end. Had pinned the tasks as you suggested though guessed at the stack size so will follow up on your suggestions, thanks. Would still be useful to be able to see the core dumps though…