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ESP32 Arduino framework. FFAT FS upload insted of SPIFFS


There is a tool in PIO to upload the SPIFFS files from the data folder to the esp32 flash. I want to try out the FFAT File System but i can not upload my files in the data folder because when i try it i get this error:

Could not find the spiffs section in the partitions table C:\Users\Mr.Hitec.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif32\tools\partitions\default_ffat.csv

Of course it can’t find the SPIFFS section because it is FFAT. Can i do something about it?


Can you provide some more information on this? er… I was thinking of the ESP8266 then, not the ESP32… sorry!

So I take it you’re talking about this sort of thing?

This might help:

Which is about this tool


Yap. Iam talking about that FAT file system. Iam not able to work with this mkfatfs tool in arduino ide or in platformIO. Because iam not familiar with the IDF things, to make menuconfig and such things… Unfortunatelly right now iam only able to flash my esp32 SPIFFS is trought the standard PIO/Arduino mkspiffs plugin in the IDE. I don’t know how to execute make menuconfig without IDF knowledge, for example. :confused:


This may be another option… it’s only been tested for linux though, and still requires some knowledge of make, etc… it looks like Flash FAT isn’t in as the 'user friendly ’ state as far as creating the image and uploading it as SPIFFS is.


Thank you! I gonna take a look at this.