ESP32 and CH340X unable to auto program

I have a weird issue when trying the new CH340X (the X is very very important, it is unlike any other CH340 chip) Schematic:

First of all, i do not know if this is the issue with pio or drivers or upload tool so if this isn’t a place to ask please let me know.

Long story short: I have made a circuit with CH340X and esp32 however it does not work (still need to manually pull boot0 to low)

Checked with scope and timings are way off:
Pink = Boot0
Green = EN

Obviously this isnt going to work so my question is, can i fix that somehow with config or is there any other solution?

EDIT: I swapped the EN with boot and now suddenly it started working, is it perhaps somehow swapped in software?

Per the reset circuit is


The espressiv schematics do not contain a 4.7K connection between DTR and CTS and you’re also missing any current-limiting resistors for the base or all transistors.

espressif doesn’t contain 4.7k because its a unique feature of X version of CH340,

And it has to be there (or to gnd to make it open source DTR) otherwise it defaults to TNOW

Also i am using UMH3N which has current limiting resistors inside package (4.7kOhm):


funny thing is when i swapped schematic to this (basically moved labels Reset and EN) it started working:

Any advise?