Esp-WRover working with JTAG but cannot use monitor - no available ports

Got the ESP-WROVER-Kit working. Awesome. I installed the libusb driver and set FTDI protocol for the upload protocol. Only trouble is I do not have any COM ports for the monitor to use (using Windows 8.1). How can I use the monitor without serial ports? I had serial ports before I installed the FTDI drivers. Thanks to all who contribute to the community!

Dave Wood

Do you configure something with the zadig tool? The FTDI chip on the wrover kit should have two channels, one for JTAG, one for serial communication, see Page not Found - ESP32 - — ESP-IDF Programming Guide latest documentation

Thank you very much Maximilian!

That was it. I set the interface for the second channel back to a serial port and the monitor program worked fine. I reread the article of the link you sent me and that helped to.

I appreciate your response!

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David Wood

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