ESP-WROOM-32 platformio.ini

Has anyone found a successful platformio.ini configuration for the ESP-WROOM-32 with battery holder shown here:

ESP-WROOM-32 with battery

I have tried various esp32 .ini configs and they all failed. Hours on this already.

In which way? Uploading fails? Code doesn’t run as expected? Using which code and platformio.ini? Not enough info at all here.

You always ask the most reasonable questions…
The problem was that I was getting a whole bunch of errors during the code upload.
Today though, I used the following for my platformio.ini and had success.
Also, (for others) I had to press the BOOT button then the EN button DURING the download process, and then release the EN button followed by releasing the BOOT button.

Here is the platformio.ini that works for me. (I still need to add some pin mapping no doubt)

platform = espressif32
framework = arduino
board = upesy_wroom
monitor_speed = 115200

As always, thanks Max!

My espwroom32 and lookalikes never upload via serial without an elco (1uF approx) strapped between GND and EN. Then it’s 100% reliable. And no button pushing necessary.

No exactly correct ovolo. I have many models on my desk that upload just fine without pushing any buttons or adding a cap.

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Good to know - thanks.