ESP-Prog debugging issues

Hey chaps.

Wondering if someone can help here. I picked up an ESP-Prog after syncing issues with the C232HM-DDHSL-0. I now have a different set of challenges.

I’ve tried using the recommended esp-prog upload protocol and debug tool, however these seem to be referencing the wrong device (6014 instead of 6010), and I cannot locate the point to change it.

I have device recognised by windows and I can open some form of communication using a .cfg, however I lack the knowledge to construct a suitable register ftdi_layout_init to get it working appropriately.

Can anyone help?

Here’s as far as I’ve got for reference:

A bit more info, when forcing espressif32@1.1.0, it seems to instead get stuck in a reset loop.

I’m guessing this has something to do with the flash…

"if {[catch {eval flash write_image erase $flash_args}] == 0} "

All suggestions are welcome…

Another update…, part of the issue was the power supply. Now I can get into debug mode, HOWEVER, the devices still seems to be trying to constantly reset. As soon as it hits a breakpoint, I lose control over if it’s function.

Not sure where to go from here… or with the upload protocol…

You can declare own debug server with Redirecting...

What is your openOCD command which works?

I haven’t used it much since my last message, but this is the settings.

Then the .cfg is;

I managed to work around the issue with the timeout by selecting assembly mode, the back to code. It seemed to released the timeout it somehow? Though, the same issue if I reset the connection.