Esp_now.h missing from esp-idf framework


I am using platformio under vs code for windows.

Wanted to try out esp-now example from esp-idf examples and it seems the esp-idf platform under C:.….platformio\packages\framework-espidf is missing esp_now.h file ( according to github it should be located in /components/esp32/include/esp_now.h ).

Perhaps there are more files missing to fully use esp-idf SDK under platformio?

Is it somehow possible to manually clone/update GitHub - espressif/esp-idf: Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for Espressif SoCs. to C:.….platformio\packages\framework-espidf? Unfortunately Github Desktop doesn’t allow to use that path (giving error that this path already exists)?


We support only the stable software. Do you see these files here Release ESP-IDF Release 2.1.1 · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub ?