Esp_now_* functions not declared in this scope for esp8266


first I’m new here and want to thank PlatformIO for this great development environment.

I want to use ESP Now in my Arduino project which should run for ESP32 and ESP8266. I found the library WiFiEspNow which I manually copied to my project as I plan some mods to it.

My platformio.ini file contains this line

default_envs = esp32doit-devkit-v1, d1_mini, esp12e

The class is called EspNowClass and in the EspNow.cpp file the imports are as followed:

#include "EspNow.h"

#include <AES.h>

#if defined(ESP8266)
#include <c_types.h>
#include <espnow.h>
#elif defined(ESP32)
#include <esp_now.h>
#error "This library supports ESP8266 and ESP32 only."

There are some methods in the cpp file like

bool EspNowClass::begin() {
    return esp_now_init() == 0 &&
#ifdef ESP8266
    esp_now_set_self_role(ESP_NOW_ROLE_COMBO) == 0 &&
    esp_now_register_recv_cb(reinterpret_cast<esp_now_recv_cb_t>(EspNowClass::recv_cb)) == 0 &&
    esp_now_register_send_cb(reinterpret_cast<esp_now_send_cb_t>(EspNowClass::send_cb)) == 0;

void EspNowClass::end() {

When I build the project the build succeeds for the esp32 but fails for the d1_mini and esp12e… The error message is all over the place for every esp_now_* function as well as for any ESP Now type in the espnow.h Here’s the error message of esp_now_init()

src/EspNow.cpp: In member function 'bool EspNowClass::begin()':
src/EspNow.cpp:57:25: error: 'esp_now_init' was not declared in this scope
     return esp_now_init() == 0 &&

d1_mini and esp12e define ESP8266 properly so I would expect espnow.h to be included. Otherwise an include error should be seen. The header file exist in the installed package framework-arduinoespressif8266 in tools/sdk/include/espnow.h

Any help is very much appreciated.


Careful with filenames. On windows, EspNow.h = espnow.h due to case-insensitivity. I suggest renaming your class files… The error probably comes from exactly that, since the ESP32 part uses esp_now.h. Your code includes the header of its own class twice in the ESP8266 case.

Thank you @maxgerhardt, I just wanted to write that I believe it’s an issue with case insensitive names. I’m working on macOS and the partition is case insensitive. I tried including espnow.h with absolute path and it worked. I’ll rename my class as you suggest.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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