ESP_LOGI showing unreadable symbols

Hello! I’m using an example code of esp and it seems that the macro ESP_LOGI is showing some weird symbols on the terminal (vs code): ␁�␙T@�␄ �RS␋␓�␒��?�!␁�␇%␀]�␐#�H␐␐z,␔␀l�␑␁y�.,�����cB2���!ZT␒����ɭ␎4␆�"␋␂\�F����`␄�$��0�␅{A␁␂]"������>��␕�␓;@����S��S޲’%���’����� . I can not see the complete definition of this macro. I’m using ubuntu. What could be the problem?

Looks like a mismatch regarding the baud rate.

Make sure the baud rate of the ESP32 (usually 115,200) is also used by your serial monitor. If you are using PlatformIO’s serial monitor, you can set the baud rate in platformio.ini using monitor_speed = 115200.

Additionally, check the quartz on your ESP32 board. Some boards use a 26 MHz quartz (instead of the more common 40 MHz quartz). If so, you have to configure it accordingly using platformio run -t menuconfig. This is assuming you are using the ESP-IDF framework.

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that solved the problem! thank you
I just defined the monitor speed.

This helped me out. Thanks!