ESP-IDF version not what I expected?

Hi - using VSCode + PIO in linux.

The GUI in VSCode/PIO Home → Platforms shows that I’m using ESP32 platform v6.4.0 (with an update available to 6.5.0).

This link seems to indicate that I should expect ESP-IDF version 5.1.1 to be installed with platform v6.4.0. However, ~/.platformio/platforms/espressif32/platform.json shows:

    "framework-espidf": {
      "type": "framework",
      "optional": true,
      "owner": "platformio",
      "version": "~3.50101.0",
      "optionalVersions": ["~3.40405.0"]

…and my own testing shows that time_t is still 32bit, which was changed in ESP-IDF v5.0, so it seems like platform.json is the accurate source.

What am I not understanding about what that link is telling me in terms of what to expect?

Is there an easier way to tell what version of underlying libraries is installed in PIO/VScode?


Add a reference to ESP_IDF_VERSION_MAJOR in your code and Ctrl+Click it to follow it to the source. What does it say?

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Thanks! That shows 4.4.5. So why do the github link and platform.json both show other values?

When you use framework = arduino, getting ESP-IDF version 4.4.x is correct. That’s the version built into Arduino-ESP32 for v2.0.12.

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