ESP-IDF Menuconfig missing entries depending on shell

Hello all,

I have been playing with PIO and ESP-IDF for the past few days. Quite the learning curve, but very enjoyable to understand all the possibilities one has at a lower level than the arduino wrapper.

I have an issue not sure if it’s on my end or on PIO. Basically if I want to move in pio run -t menuconfig using my arrow keys to modify my setup I need to choose git bash as default shell. Works just fine, I get a menuconfig of blue color and different from the one i get from CMD.The actual issue is , for instance in Component Config → Bluetooth I have no entries whatsoever from menuconfig in GIT Bash but get all normal entries from CMD by running the same command. Below you can see what GIT Bash shows :



Currently I reverted to CMD after learning I can use j and k to move up and down. So i have again access to all entries from menuconfig. Is there something wrong on my end ?

Best regards

Does this happen in a stand-alone ESP-IDF v4.1 setup too, without PlatformIO? See this for setup instructions. (However be wary that you should undefine global environment variables like IDF_PATH before using PlatformIO again – otherwise there might be a conflict).

If the issue is the same there, it’s a ESP-IDF issue.

Understood. I don’t have time right not to try it out but your reasoning is sound.
I will try this during the week and report back.
Thanks !