ESP-IDF Component ESP-Modbus Library

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i got the same problems as in

Now there is a improved component, released from espressif: ESP-Modbus. It is not (yet) part of the ESP-IDF.

With ESP-IDF you can add the component with add-dependency espressif/esp-modbus==1.0.1. Is there any similar option within platformIO?

One problem i see is, that this component uses the same header which are used from the standard “freemodbus” component (which is also part of the platformIO installation).

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Just copy the new component into the components/ folder of the PlatformIO project. See documentation.

Not a problem since the documentation tells you set(EXCLUDE_COMPONENTS freemodbus), so that internal component will be excluded, while you should add the new esp-modbus component to the EXTRA_COMPONENT_DIRS of course. PlatformIO builds the firmware through the ESP-IDF CMake build system, so what works in ESP-IDF, works in PlatformIO.

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That was easy :slight_smile: It’s working. Thank you!

Actually, I read this document severall times, but i didn’t really understood.