Errors on compile, not showing in editor

I have platformio, in VScode. Simply started a new arduino project, for the first time in months, trying to resume my practice. vs code asked me to restart to do an update, who only knows what has changed since last, I sure do not.

My question / problem is:

I compile the simple test code, and get a slew of errors (understood - ok). For reasons unknown, the errors are NOT linked in the editor. I used to see them highlighted in red in the editor at each position. Today, the editor is blank, and all the compile errors are listed in the terminal output.

Can anyone help me figure out which of the limitless settings, config screen I need to re-check / re-enable this feature? I am confused to begin to figure this out.

Please show a screenshot of your VSCode window with the errors displayed.

If you have multiple projects in your workspace, make sure to use the project environment switcher.

Highlighted in orange you can see there are “no problems to report”. Clearly - there are compiler errors. They are night highlighted in the editor, which is acting like a text editor with intellisense highlighting functions and variables.

Duplicate the project in a path without spaces and recompile. Does it still occur?

I created a new project, no spaces in the title. Copy and pasted the sample code. Added LiquidCrystal_I2C library to the project.

Same result, no difference to observe.

Is S:\ a network drive? Same fail in the home drive?

I keep my projects on the network where it’s more safe than the single ssd at the workstation. The programs and cache are on the c: drive.

I guess I could erase everything and re-install from scratch and run on the c: drive. I am more interested in knowing what this function is, where to correct it.