Error when compiling U8glib-HAL

I’m having trouble with this error. Does anyone know about this and how to fix it?

*** [.pio\build\LPC1768\liba0b\U8glib-HAL\U8glibPrint.cpp.o] Error 4294967295
*** [.pio\build\LPC1768\liba0b\U8glib-HAL\clib\u8g_bitmap.c.o] Error 4294967295

Is this in relation to Marlin?

Have you tried moving the project to a shorter path and deleting all previous packages? (Remove all folders in C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\{.cache, platforms, packages})

Removing everything from the .platformio folder does nothing. I have no idea why this error is there.

And what about my other 2 questions?

I have no idea if it has anything to do with Marlin and after moving to drive C:\Marlin-2.1.1 there are other errors. And sometimes there are bugs in Visual Studio Code like this:

Is any antivirus software active, besides Windows Defender?

These errors don’t go away after Ctrl+Shift+P → Rebuild Intellisense too?

I don’t use antivirus, but after Ctrl+Shift+P → Rebuild Intellisense everything compiled.
Thank you very much for your help