Error when compiling code in platformio for ESP 32. Help me please

What is the problem? Two weeks ago there were no problems.
I would be very grateful for your help! Tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Without knowing anything about your project (source code, configuration aka platformio.ini) it is difficult or even impossible to help you. As a minimum information please show the content of your platformio.ini

In general, if your project compiled without problems two weeks ago, something must have changed.

The places where something might have changed is

  • Your own source code (which we do not know)
  • Newer versions of one or more libraries used (which we do not know)
  • A newer version of the platform / framework used.

There could also be an incompatibility between a newer or outdated version of a library and the platform or framework version.

Since you are using an ESP32: 17 days ago the platform version 6.5.0 was released. This would be one possible source of the change.

You can specify the exact version of the platform in platformio.ini.
Using version 6.4.0 or earlier could solve the problem.
The entry in the platformio.ini for this would be


You can also specify the exact version to be used for libraries

lib_deps =