Error: Unknown board ID 'GD32F305VC_0X7000'

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask/report this but I’m having hard times trying to compile a project due to this error:

❯ pio run
Processing MKS_GD_V2_TFT28_V4_0 (board: GD32F305VC_0X7000; platform:; framework: spl)

Error: Unknown board ID 'GD32F305VC_0X7000'

I understand that platformio doesn’t find this board, but what bothers me is that the board seems correctly installed as shown below:

❯ pio boards --installed GD32F305VC_0x7000

Platform: gd32
ID                 MCU           Frequency    Flash    RAM    Name
-----------------  ------------  -----------  -------  -----  --------------------------------
GD32F305VC_0x7000  GD32F305VCT6  120MHz       256KB    64KB   GD32F305VC (64k RAM, 256k Flash)

If anyone has a hint on what might be going on here it’d be much appreciated


Lowercase vs upercase X?

Indeed, that was it!