Error traceback python issue during platform ide install

One of my students has a windows 11 laptop and keeps getting the error that seems to be a conflict with python install. I searched some of the solutions under this topic and we tried many of them including changing the order of the windows environment path as attached.

If you have a custom Python, please close VSCode, open cmd.exe, and try PlatformIO Core Installer Script. Please share an error here.

Thanks for the response. We found the reason and fixed the issue. His username had a space in it and the install didn’t like that. After he changed his username, it installed correctly. We found that this happened to someone else after reading more of the threads about this issue. We were surprised that the install doesn’t like spaces.

What is your locale? Or, what is his username? I have a virtual machine with Windows 10 and tested an account that contains space in the username. It works well.