Error: Not a PlatformIO project

Greetings all,

I recently just picked up a Teensy 4.1 that I am eager to get started on using. I downloaded platform IO and got everything set up. All good. Then I create a simple blink project to test it out… yet I keep getting this error:

“Error: Not a PlatformIO project. platformio.ini file has not been found in current working directory (C:\Users******\Documents\PlatformIO\platformio.ini). To initialize new project please use platformio project init command”

So obviously, it is saying the platformio.ini file has not been found, however that file is in my project. Yet when I do the “platformio project init” command in the terminal, it produces this file, but not in my project. Instead it goes into the “PlatformIO” folder.

The hierarchy of folders, to make this clear is I have PlatformIO > Projects > blink, (each of these folders shown in my project tab on the left - using Atom) the problem is that it is looking in “PlatformIO” folder for the platformio.ini file, not in the “blink” folder which is the actual project. Is there any way I can point the folder it looks in for that initialization file elsewhere? Like to the blink folder?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Apologies ahead of time if this is a trivial question. I am a hardware guy, not a coder, used Arduino for the last 4 years, never went too far outside of that IDE so a lot of this is very new to me.

Alright I did see a similar post about this. Feel free to delete this and I apologize for the redundant question. Will be sure to search about it before posting something.

Basically did File > Add Project Folder > selected “blink”, removed the other project folder. Compiled fine. Just reloaded in the project folder as the top level.

Usually after PlatformIO\ you have the Projects\ folder and then your actual project.

How exactly do you create this?

And with the recommended VSCode it works?

Sorry, my last comment I said I figured it out because I made a mistake and didn’t look through the forum before posting. Works fine now, I just need to add project folder and make sure the actual project with the *.ini file is the top level.