Error: No such command "ci" (Platformio 5.0.1 / 5.0.3)


I am using Platformio under Linux (Gentoo).
Gentoo installs version 5.0.1. and “pip install --user platformio” installs version 5.0.3.
Executing “pio -h” (and any other pio-command) results in the error:
No such command "ci"

pip does not report any dependency problem, though.

What is missing here and what do I need to install addionally?


Please remove all multiple PlatformIO cores that you might have installed (via your package manager and pip) , make sure you have pip3 for Python3 installed and use the installer script to install PlatformIO. Does it work now?

Hi Max,

thanks a lot for you help !:

I did quite a few remove/install/delete/emerge -C and such (emerge is Gentoos package manager) without success.
The installer script does the job perfectly, finally.
One drawback: I have quite a lot “local” installations of a couple of tools local to my $HOME - and each creates a new pathsomething/bin which I have to “just add this to your PATH variable”.

Is there any way to tell the installer script, where to install platformio relative to $HOME ?