Error: Make sure project is Platformio Project?

Getting the following error on every project even though the file is there?

Make sure that project you’re trying to buid is a PlatformIO project (e. g., contains platformio.ini).

Can you please post a screenshot of the tree-view (pane with a list of open folders) where platformio.ini file is visible?

compare “platformio test” with “arduino-blink”

i’ve glanced over the files in the directories and there doesn’t seem to be that much of difference. i didn’t diff the files yet though.

thanks for the reply

Which project causes the error?

platformioTest is the one throwing the errors, for some reason i am getting a “no configuration to build this project exists”.

i deleted my .apm folder which seems to have changed the error to this one, all the others that were throwing the originally posted error have changed.

You have to open the platformioTest folder directly. The IDE only treats top-level folders as projects. Meaning, it thinks that the folder containing .DS_Store file is a project.

ahhh, ok. strange. i don’t think i’ve had this issue before.

thank you for your help!!!

Glad to help! Have a nice day!

I am not sure to understand everything I just installed and it seems that I can’t even build or upload anything even the examples like the blink just to see if it works. I just got an error message saying that “No eligible build target exists”

I am completely lost I think I’m gonna stick to the Arduino IDE, not the best but it works…

It seems a similar to