Error: ld returned 1 exit status remote transmitter

Hello everyone
I have a problem when I want to compile my yaml code.
I want to use remote_transmitter but I have an error:

I put my code

  name: climtoshiba1

  board: generic-bk7231n-qfn32-tuya
    version: dev

# Enable Home Assistant API
  password: ""

  password: ""

  ssid: ""
  password: ""

  # Enable fallback hotspot in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "Climtoshiba1 Fallback Hotspot"
    password: "gJBhimkI3WdN"


  port: 80

# Enable logging

#            status_led:
#            pin: GPIO4 #checked

# Configure the IR LED: this one sends commands to other devices
  pin: D5 #checked OU GPIO14
  carrier_duty_percent: 50%

#Pour allumer :
  - platform: template
    name: "17"
      - remote_transmitter.transmit_samsung:
          data: 0xF20D03FC01000000
          nbits: 64

somebody knows ?
thank you

Seems like

What baord are you compiling for? ESP8266, RP2040, ESP32?

I don’t think it helps me…I use the CB3S. We can found it inside : Tuya – Télécommande Infrarouge Universelle, Contrôle Maison Intelligente, Fonctionne Pour Dvd, Tv, Audio, Compatible Amazon Et Alexa Google Home - Télécommandes - AliExpress

Well since the error is appearing for both RP2040 and LibreTuya (I guess you are using this PR) then the error is likely in the code base for the remote transmitter. With the “undefined referenced to vtable” error probably an unimplemented virtual function, meaning the code just hasn’t been expanded yet to work on the platform you want.

so there is nothing i can do about it?
I already know the frames I want to send and it is with the samsung protocol.

Sure you can do something about it, go into the source code, find where the RemoteTransmitterComponent class is implemented, look for unimplemented virtual functions. That would be first guess.

how can i implement them ?

Have you already identified the missing functions?

I think so…

Yikes. So basically every microcontroller has its own complete implementation and there’s no generic fallback implementation that works for all platforms.

I hope you have godly patience and a will of steel, this will require you to deeply study the microcontroller you’re working for, select the most appropriate hardware component to push out the bytes / generate the timing and write the code for it.

I’m not able
Do you think i can change the CB3S into esp8266?

If you just want esphome and a remote transmitter, I’d recommend to get an ESP32 board that esphome supports, an ESP32 has way more storage and capabilities than even an ESP8266.

I need this one and I need it on home assistant. That’s why I thought of changing it to esp8266. If I do DIY it won’t be as clean. It’s weird that I can’t integrate it…

I don’t understand. Your current board has a BK7231 ARM-based SoC on it. That’s a completetly different chip compared to an ESP8266 or ESP32 (both XTensa/RISC-V). Even if you change your configuration file to say “compile for an ESP32 chip”, the resulting binary firmware will not work when put on your BK7231 o_O. They’re binary incompatible.