Error in Debugging the Nexys A7 50T

I’m trying to debug a program Factorial.c on the Nexys A7 50T FPGA board using PlatformIO. I have procured its bitstream file from the GitHub repository.
Shown below is the platformio.ini code:

platform = chipsalliance
board = swervolf_nexys
framework = wd-riscv-sdk
monitor_speed = 115200

board_build.bitstream_file = D:\STUDIES\NexysFiles\Nexys-A7-50T-OOB-2018.2-1\vivado_proj\Nexys-A7-50T-OOB.runs\impl_1\nexys50t.bit

Shown below is the program code:

#if defined(D_NEXYS_A7)
   #include <bsp_printf.h>
   #include <bsp_mem_map.h>
   #include <bsp_version.h>
   PRE_COMPILED_MSG("no platform was defined")
#include <psp_api.h>
#define N 7

int main(void)
    int fact = 1;
    int temp = N;
    while(temp > 0){
        fact *= temp;
        temp -= 1; 
    uartInit(); // Initialize UART
    printfNexys("Factorial of %d: %d ", N, fact);

Using PlatformIO, the bitstream is uploaded successfully on the board.
After clicking on “Run Debug”, the compilation is also done successfully.

But the debug console fails with the following errors:


My current driver used is: libwdi

I have installed in using Zadig by following the steps mentioned in the guide and have also tried reinstalling the driver but the same issue persists.

I’m using Windows 10.

Please ask the respective experts responsible for the support of that platform in PlatformIO, at Issues · platformio/platform-chipsalliance · GitHub.