Error compiling Audio library

I am desperately trying to get away from the buggy Arduino IDE, and platformio could be just the ticket. In trying to port the first project I am already running into a showstopper. A project which compiles just fine and dandy in Arduino IDE using Paul Stoffregen’s “Audio” library fails to compile with the following error message:

.pioenvs/teensy31/src/main.o: In function `AudioAnalyzeFFT1024’:

/Users/andy/src/Arduino/Coat_2.0/.pioenvs/teensy31/Audio_ID70/analyze_fft1024.h:53: undefined reference to arm_cfft_radix4_init_q15' .pioenvs/teensy31/libAudio_ID70.a(analyze_fft1024.o): In functionAudioAnalyzeFFT1024::update()’:
/Users/andy/src/Arduino/Coat_2.0/.pioenvs/teensy31/Audio_ID70/analyze_fft1024.cpp:107: undefined reference to `arm_cfft_radix4_q15’

Any pointer what I can do to get this fixed?

Hi @apleschu
Could you try this platformio.ini please:

platform = teensy
framework = arduino
board = teensy31
build_flags = -larm_cortexM4l_math

Thank you for the quick response. That fixed this problem. Any chance I can make this the default for all following teensy 3.1/3.2 projects?

Different problem that follows: I can open another thread if that is deemed better: a library was missing, no problem, loading the library , now it compiles and the compiler window says success, yet the source window and the status on the bottom still state the library is missing. In particular this is the SerialFlash lib.

I’ve just added -larm_cortexM4l_math by default in PlatformIO develop version and it will be released in stable 2.8.6 very soon.
The second problem is also already fixed and will be released in PlatformIO IDE 1.0.6.

Terrific! I can live with that for the time being. Thanks again for the response.

You can click PlatformIO > Rebuild C/C++ Project Index (Autocomplete, Linter) to fix the missing library issue right away.